I didn’t ask for my life to be politicized.

What size is everything? If this is a human-scale world, why the fuck is there a human scale bar that has milk on tap?

  • We talk about how the shooter was a lonely man with some sort of personality disorder, but loved his wife or really loved Marilyn Manson or some shit.
  • We talk about the heroes during and after the shooting that helped worse off victims during the crisis.

Untitled, 2006.

Lesbian is not a dirty word. Stop with the whole “I just don’t like the way it sounds” garbage. If you are a woman who likes to sleep with other women, you’re a lesbian. Let’s stop hiding.

“I want to live in a world….” This was the first slide of Leanne Pittsford, founder of LWT’s opening remarks of the conference.

Danielle Mascioli

You can’t stop the beat

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